‘Ops Bantu’ post-flood relief begins

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OFFICIAL efforts to clean up the aftermath of the intense flooding in Tutong district began yesterday as authorities moved into the “recovery phase” known as “Ops Bantu”.

The Incident Command Post (ICP) in Lamunin led clean-up efforts at four houses and two schools yesterday, an ICP official said.

As previously reported, the recovery phase would begin after floodwater levels were no longer classified as “dangerous”, and will also involve tasks such as moving evacuated residents back to their homes.

As of yesterday, ASFR Mohd Shazwan said that under “Ops Bantu”, authorities have cleaned up four affected houses in Tanjong Maya, Penapar and Pengkalan Dong as well as two schools in Mukim Tanjong Maya.

The operation, he said, will continue until help is no longer needed by the people.

Besides monitoring the water levels, the ICP will also ensure the safety of NGOs carrying out clean-up activities in the affected areas.

ASFR Mohd Shazwan said aside from the activities on the ground, the ICP will also monitor the weather for any risk of more flooding.

“If it rains, we will increase our surveillance where we will increase the frequency of water level measurements to three times a day, instead of the usual two,” he said.

He remarked that if the weather continued to be favourable, it was possible for the flooding to subside completely soon.

Reading taken yesterday morning showed that all roads in Tutong were accessible, except for Mukim Lamunin’s Jalan Kecil Layong, which was still inundated by 0.4 metres of water.

The floods at Mukim Ukong’s Jalan Ukong, Jalan Sungai Damit as well as Mukim Tanjong Maya’s Jalan Penapar, Jalan Lubok Pulau and Jalan Tanjong Maya have completely subsided.

Meanwhile, the floodwater levels at Jalan Bangkuru, Jalan Rambai, Jalan Kuala Ungar, Jalan Bang Pangan and Jalan Rampau had decreased to levels below 0.2 metres and were deemed safe for travel by any vehicle.

Jalan Kecil Layong, despite a floodwater level recording of 0.4 metres as of yesterday morning, was still passable, but ASFR Mohd Shazwan advised the public to use a four-wheel-drive vehicle to pass through the area.

The Brunei Times