Forum discusses matters of marriage and family

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A FORUM on improving marriage and family life took place yesterday during the second day of the Cintai Rasul Carnival held at the Indoor Stadium Berakas.

The forum titled “Rasullulah S.A.W Pemimpin Ummah” featured Malaysian speakers Dato Ustazah Siti Noor Bahyah Mahamood and husband, Ustaz Wan Akashah Wan Abdul Hamid.

Ustaz Wan Akashah began the forum by stating that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) divided his time evenly into three ways: time with Allah (SWT); time with his family; and time to do tasks.

In this regard, he encouraged the public to follow the Prophet (SAW)’s ways with regards to time management.

The forum’s moderator, Dr Hjh Lily Suzana Hj Samsu, dean of Students and Faculty Lecturer Usuluddin of Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali, presented three scenarios to be discussed during the forum.

The scenarios revolved around children messing up the home and how parents should deal with them after a long day at work; issue of husbands not showing affection to wives; and lack of communication and quality time spent between parents and children.

In terms of family, Dato Ustazah Siti Noor Bahyah said that in today’s world, families rarely spend time with each other.

Family members always seem to be busy with other things instead.

She stressed that families should spend time and have good communication with each other. Parents should also practise speaking softly with their children.

She gave an example where Prophet Muhammad (SAW) showed love to his family in two ways: through kind words and good actions.

She further stated that by following the ways of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Muslims can maintain a good relationship with their family.

In terms of marriage, both speakers encouraged husbands and wives to always make time for each other by eating, travelling and especially praying with each other.

By doing so, they will create and maintain a strong bond with each other just like Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had with his wives.

The speakers also touched on the subject about youths. They said youths should have strong iman (faith) and good akhlak (morals), and encouraged them to continue learning on ways to improve themselves.

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