MoRA ensures Muslim converts receive flood aid

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MUSLIM converts affected by the floods were not left behind in receiving assistance in the form of food as the Ministry of Religious Affairs ensured that the families continue to receive aid even as flood waters begin to recede.

There are approximately 50 Muslim convert families in Tutong.

The Head Religious Officer in Tutong, Hassan Amat, told The Brunei Times that they were glad to provide assistance to the families that had difficulty accessing the roads — some were still inundated with flood water.

Alhamdulillah, the converts have shown appreciation for this assistance, in this situation. Today, the water has receded but before this, the floods were very deep. It is certain that they really need help from any party and from today’s donations that they are really happy and appreciate it. We are happy to donate from the Ministry of Religious Affairs in helping them,” said the Hasan who lead a delegation yesterday.

Residents gathered at the meet-up point at certain stops as the vehicles carrying the food items were unable to reach some houses.

As a result, some of the residents used boats to cross the knee-high flood waters to ensure that their donated food do not get soiled by the flood water.

One of the residents seen paddling through the waters while being pulled by her children was 52-year-old housewife, Nuraini Abdullah Chauong.

She explained that the village had been flooded for over three months, affecting her poultry, padi, and also the daily activities of her family of 11.

“Travelling has been cut off, we cannot go anywhere. We have received immediate help, even in the form of packed meals, receiving assistance on a daily basis now. I have been sick lately and going to the hospital is difficult. I was hospitalised for a while and when I was discharged from the hospital, the village was already flooded. I hope this disaster ends soon,” said Nuraini.

Her family and herself had no trouble with safety as they were aware on what to do when situations were dire and shared that they were happy that water levels seemed to have been receding in the past few days.

“I am glad that water levels are decreasing. When the rain subsides and water is low, it makes us happy. I hope rain would just come as it normally does so it would be easier for us to do our daily work.”

The Brunei Times