Over 500 PMO staff attend Syariah talk

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ANYONE who considers themselves as citizens of Brunei should support the implementation of the Syariah Penal Code, the permanent secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO)said.

Hj Yahya Hj Idris said the Syariah Penal Code 2013 is a big part of Brunei’s history, and that it is especially important for PMO staff to understand.

The permanent secretary was speaking to more than 500 PMO staff at a Syariah Penal Code Order 2013 talk at the Grand Theatre, Prime Minister’s Office.

He said Bruneians should deepen their knowledge on the Islamic law by reading the materials prepared by the Attorney General’s Chambers and State Mufti’s Office.

Brunei is expected to implement the Syariah law in April this year.

For over three hours, the invited experts covered in detail the content of the Syariah criminal law and related specifics of the law to real life circumstances.

Presenting were Ustaz Hj Johar Hj Mohamad, chief Syarie prosecutor from Syarie Prosecution Division at the Islamic Jurisprudence Unit; Ustaz Hj Dennie Hj Abdullah, senior Istinbat officer at the State Mufti’s Office; Hj Afif Daraina PDH Hj Badaruddin, deputy public prosecutor; Ustaz Ali Hassan Said, Islamic Da’wah Centre lecturer; and Hjh Norhartijah Hj Puteh from the Syariah Islamic Jurisprudence Unit.

The Brunei Times