‘Compare prices before purchasing vegetables’

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THE Department of Economic Planning and Development (JPKE) has advised members of the public to compare prices of vegetables before buying, noting that there has been a “slight” cost increase due to bad weather.

Deputy Director-general of JPKE Hj Abd Amin Hj Hashim said the price increase is “seasonal”, and advised market vendors and supermarkets to set prices accordingly.

“According to reports received from (these) vendors, the surge in the price of vegetables was due to the incessant rain, (and) it will drop to its usual rates once the season has passed,” the director-general said.

Hj Abd Amin was speaking to reporters during an inspection on Sim Kim Huat Trading Company Sdn Bhd, Hua Ho Mall Manggis and Pasar Gadong.

He said the inspection was conducted to ensure prices of vegetables are sold within “reasonable rates”.

Hjh Abd Amin said the department noted a “slight” price increase in white mustard greens (sawi putih), tomatoes and red chillies.

During an inspection at Hua Ho Mall Manggis, it was found that white mustard greens were sold at $5.20 per kg and Thai red chillies were sold at $9.50 per kg.

The Brunei Times last Monday reported that prices of crops have soared, as mustard greens, usually sold for $2-3 per bundle was valued at $7-8, while red chillies went from $2-5 per kg to $10.

Market vendors also reported that other vegetables such as spinach (bayam) and water spinach (kangkung) also rose from $1-3 per bundle to $4-5.

JPKE had stated in a letter that the government is monitoring the prices of goods and service, including vegetables due to bad weather.

“Although the Price Control Act Amendment Order 2012, which was designed to ensure prices of necessities are affordable for Bruneians on low income, does not include vegetables as a commodity, JPKE will constantly monitor and conduct inspections at business premises; where prices of these commodities can be controlled through administrative measures,” the letter read.

Hj Abd Amin said any inquiries or complaints regarding prices of controlled products, or any commercial activities should contact JPKE directly through its hotline 2230223 or visit the office during working hours.

The Brunei Times