‘Prophet Muhammad was the ideal teacher, learn from his methods’

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PROPHET Muhammad (PBUH) was the ideal teacher in his propagation of Islam and should be the role model for all educators to aspire to become, a religious speaker said yesterday.

Speaking to an audience of over 200 primary school religious teachers at the Rimba 1 Primary School, Ustaz Hj Mail Besar of the Ministry of Religious Affairs spoke of the prophet’s exemplary traits in teaching.

The prophet was innovative in his teachings, fluent in his speech and had brilliant ideas, the speaker said.

The prophet’s caring and gentle demeanour also made his teachings well-accepted by those he preached to.

Ustaz Hj Mail also commented on challenges for a teacher to follow the school’s curriculum. Rushing to finish it might leave students with less understanding on the subject matter, which will lead to students being ill-equipped for their exams, he remarked.

In his talk, he also emphasised the importance of the prophet’s good character and how all of his teachings can help to better the character of all individuals.

He explained how praying helped to prevent acts of indecency and vices; and how fasting promotes empathy for those who are less fortunate, among others.

Ustaz Hj Mail also pointed out that the Haj pilgrimage promoted patience and tolerance towards other races and their mannerisms.

He was speaking at a Maulidur Rasul event, organised by the Islamic Religious Knowledge (IRK) Section and the Government and Private Primary Schools Unit.

Head of the IRK Section, Ustazah Hjh Sarimah Hj Ahmad was among those present.

The event also included a mass dikir recitation led by Hj Norzlan Hj Safar, the head religious teacher of Sungai Bunga Tanjung Kindana Primary School.

The chairman of the event, Ustaz Hj Salleh Hj Nasir, the head of the Government and Private Primary Schools Unit said that besides the annual maulud event, there will also be a tazkirah event in March.

The tazkirah (religious sharing session) will involve primary school religious teachers from across the nation.

The Brunei Times