Over hundred cases of landslides reported

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MORE than a hundred landslides damaged private property in the Brunei-Muara District, according to the latest statistics.

According to state broadcaster Radio Televisyen Brunei, houses and private vehicles faced the brunt of landslides.

According to the District Level Disaster Management Centre in the Brunei-Muara District, out of 105 cases, 15 landslides were categorised as dangerous while 89 as medium, and one as non-dangerous.

The landslide caused damage to houses in Lambak Kanan. However, there was no report of injury.

Meanwhile, Tutong is currently the worst affected by the floods. RTB said that the Lamunin Fire Station recorded the floodwater at 1.5 metres, affecting four sub-districts (mukim).

While most of the residents have been relocated, some are still staying put at their homes as the area is still accessible. Houses that were affected by the floodwater included 46 in Kg Tanjong Maya, 33 in Kg Lubok Pulau, 47 in Kg Penapar and 10 in Kg Bukit Udal.

RTB also stated that 17 electrical sub-stations have been shut down in the district. However, eight sub-stations in Mukim Rambai were repaired while sub-stations in Kg Tanjong Maya, Kg Penapar and Kg Ukong are still not operational.

For transport, boats and trucks have been provided especially to areas severely affected by the floods.

The Ministry of Development has been inspecting landslides and slope failures across the country, the Public Works Department (PWD) said in a statement yesterday.

Among them is Mentiri highway where the gushing water damaged the road. However, the PWD has put up water barrier and canvas to prevent further damage as urgent repair works are being carried out.

According to the department, repairs were also carried out in other areas which were affected such as the road near the US Embassy which had to be closed due to a major landslide; Spg 40-119 in Kg Sungai Akar; the road leading to moonsighting location near Bukit Shahbandar; the road on Jln Tungku near Narcotics Control Bureau; and Jln Kerakas Payau, Al-islah Kupang.

For minor cases such as erosion on the road, PWD has cleared debris from the areas and installed canvas to protect slope failures from further damage.

New cases will be dealt with in the same manner, the department said.

The safety of the houses and areas affected by the landslides is also being assessed. In cases where the landslide is a threat to the occupants, PWD has advised occupants to vacate the house immediately. Last year, PWD through the Department of Drainage and Sewerage recorded a total of 115 cases of flood occurrences through the country. Brunei-Muara recorded the highest with 74 cases followed by Belait at 21 cases and Tutong at 20 cases. No flood was recorded in Temburong District. The department is looking into holistic and catchment management. This involves a broad range of interdependent facets and requires macro and micro-level planning to ensure the sustainable use of the catchment’s drainage resources.

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