Muslims advised to care for orphans’ well-being

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NOBODY is exempted from the hardships and tests given by Allah (SWT) but with every ordeal, some good can still come from it.

Imams throughout the country in the Friday sermon yesterday said that for children who have lost their parents to the next life, Islam has arranged for the betterment of the orphans’ affairs in the best possible way to achieve a peaceful and happy life.

“Orphans should be given the appropriate attention so they can live their life full of hope and love,” the imams told the congregants.

The religious leaders were of the view that the Bruneian community was in the right direction, in terms of the measures taken to take care of the orphans.

“It cannot be denied that our community still holds dearly to the values of love, sympathy and responsibility to orphans,” the imams said.

In this regard, they highlighted the establishment of the Pengiran Muda Mahkota Al-Muhtadee Billah Fund for Orphans (DANA).

“This demonstrates that our community possesses the qualities of kindness and deeply cares (about the orphans),” the imams said.

They pointed out that sedekah (alms-giving) was one of the easiest ways to help orphans.

“Verily, handing over sedekah to the orphans, either in the form of money or goods of necessity, is of one the admirable qualities,” the congregants were told.

The help that that the orphans received from these donations were not limited to only reducing their financial burdens, the imams added.

“But it (the donations) can also (potentially) bring happiness in the orphans’ hearts,” the imams said.

They explained that the act of Muslims working together to help orphans - especially those who were poor, in hardships and did not receive proper care - was called Ta’awun.

In this regard, the imams reiterated their sadness over the recent incidents of theft of donations meant for orphans, stolen from safes housed in mosques.

In a previous sermon, the imams condemned the series of thefts as among the most atrocious that can be committed in Islam.

The imams yesterday reminded those responsible for protecting the orphan’s property that it was haram (forbidden) to rob what was rightfully owned by the orphans.

However, there were certain exceptions when others were permitted to a portion of the orphan’s property.

“Carers (of orphans) that are financially less fortunate may take a small portion from the orphan’s belongings (with condition) that it is simply for their basic needs and (should) not breach the limit,” the imams explained.

They once against stressed to the congregants to together be concerned for the well-being of orphans, particularly those who were under their care.

“Do not by any means act cruel towards orphans,” the imams said.

“This caring attitude of the (Bruneian) community to orphans should be preserved and continued in order (for us Muslims) to gain the bountiful rewards from Allah (SWT).”

To conclude the Friday sermon, the imams encouraged those who were able to, to donate to the DANA via the “SMS Brunei Prihatin” initiative.

The donation-by-texting initiative will close on February 5, 2014.

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