Residents voice concerns to Mukim Berakas A, B leaders

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RESIDENTS of Mukim Berakas ‘A’ and Mukim Berakas ‘B’ (Zone One) had a chance to voice their community concerns with the hope that some of these would be elevated to the next Legislative Council (LegCo) meeting.

More than 100 residents attended the Mukim and Village Legislative Council (MPM & MPK) ‘ramah mesra’ gathering held yesterday at Dewan Muhibbah.

They expressed concerns over a number of things such as road safety issues, damaged roads and damaged water pipes that need to be repaired and constantly monitored.

A resident also suggested that capable and reliable security guards should be hired to keep watch over schools and mosques especially after the recent theft incidents.

Another problem brought up was about increasing the old age pension to $500 a month from $250. This issue was brought up during the Ninth LegCo meeting.

A female resident suggested that each kampung have a cooperative store to be managed by either the residents or members of the MPM and MPK.

Present as the guest of honour was the Penghulu Mukim Berakas ‘A’ who is also a member of LegCo, Haji A Ahmad Husain.

“The purpose of the gathering was to discuss and learn about the issues and problems that are affecting the residents,” he said. “These problems will then be presented at the next Legislative Council (LegCo) meeting.”

The discussion was held in support of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam’s titah on ensuring that residents of the country live in peace and harmony guided by the Malay Islamic Monarchy (MIB) philosophy.

Other attendees were present at the gathering were Pengiran Haji Ali Pg Maon, the Penghulu of Mukim Berakas ‘B’, Pg Hj Mohd Salleh Pg Hj Kamaluddin, deputy chairman of MPM Berakas ‘A’, village heads as well as members of the MPM and MPK of Mukim Berakas ‘A’ and Mukim Berakas ‘B’.

The Brunei Times