Proposal to reduce approval time of dev’t permits

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THE government aims to reduce approval time for development permits with the introduction of Building Control Order later this year.

Developers will have to seek approval from only one government agency, a source privy to the development of the proposed legislation revealed at an energy efficiency workshop at Universiti Brunei Darussalam yesterday.

Currently, contractors must go through the Municipal Board and Ministry of Development in order to secure development and construction permits.

The new legislation aims to ensure all building works and earthworks comply with specific safety standards, and enables the authorities to take errant developers to task for causing damage to property and roads, as well as causing other nuisances such as soil erosion and blocked drains which aggravate flooding.

In an effort to promote sustainable and responsible development, errant contractors will be de-registered from the Ministry of Development’s contractor registration list.

The Building Control Order was proposed back in 2010 but is still in the final drafting stages.

The Brunei Times