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LEADERS should share and discuss their values and vision with employees to improve work productivity, civil servants heard yesterday.

Ava Diamond, an employee engagement expert, advised leaders to be more emotionally connected with their employees.

Good leaders should share and discuss their beliefs to encourage a caring and supportive environment which could help to increase work productivity, she said.

Diamond was invited as a speaker at the Civil Service Institute’s first of its leadership lecture series at The Empire Hotel and Country Club.

Diamond said it is important to keep up with advancements and not simply rely on existing skill sets and procedures.

Being able to grow and change with the times is necessary to interact and relate with the younger generation coming into the workforce, she added.

The speaker also acknowledged the issues facing the government, such as procedural necessities, public scrutiny, and also the large number of meetings which were not always necessary.

She reminded leaders to be good role models for employees by being responsible and acting fairly and consistently to everyone, as well as being honest with them.

Other tips shared at the interactive talk were for leaders to gain their employees’ trust, believe in their ideas and communicate the department’s vision effectively.

The talk titled “Dynamic Governance: The Heart and Soul of Leadership” aimed to nurture leaders who can inspire their employees and encourage higher work productivity.

The lecture was organised to mark Civil Service Day Celebration and aimed to share strategies to increase employee loyalty, commitment and productivity.

Tan Lian Lian, acting director of Department of Schools Inspectorate under the Ministry of Education, said she was inspired to improve her communication skills with her employees and planned to keep future meetings short and efficient.

Attendants of the lecture comprised senior officials in Division I, including directors and head of departments. - _Syazwana Souyon_o

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