37 graduate SLP’s on-the-job training

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THIRTY-SEVEN participants who took part the three month on-the-job training graduated yesterday.

Among them, 22 signed a two-year contract to work full time with their respective companies.

Roslan Hj Taja’ah, deputy permanent secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs presented the certificates at the Ministry of Home Affairs building in the Capital.

Three parties represented Local Employment and Workforce Development Agency (APTK) Hj Afero Eswandy Hj Mohamad, head of APTK, representatives of employers and participants of the Training and Employment Scheme (SLP).

Recently graduated, Siti Nura Tiah Hj Mostapa said “I’m blessed to be able to get a job just two months after I graduated. I find that working life is fun and I experience a lot. Previously, I only learned theory in school but now it’s all practical.’’

25-year-old Arif Nasiruddin Damit, who managed to secure a job as an IT Engineer, said that apart from the incentives, the experience itself made him love his current job.

“I used to teach basic ICT. Teaching was fun at first but I’m looking for something that I can do within my pace that’s also exciting for me. Being an IT Engineer, I gain a lot of experience. I get to meet a lot of people.

“The incentive, on the other hand, is an interesting twist to the employment; it’s a motivation to stay in the company,’’ he said.

Participants of the scheme received various incentives such as on-the-job training allowances.

The allowance was split 35 per cent paid by the employer and 65 per cent by the government during their training. Upon securing employment, the respective company will bear their full salary.

After the successful completion of the on-the-job training, the participants advanced to the third stage of SLP schemes in which participants have to work on a regular basis for two years with the same company and they will be eligible to receive financial incentives from the government.

These incentives, amounting to $2,500 will be given in stages according to their attendance and performance.

In addition, during their first year of employment, SLP participants will have their Employees Trust Fund (TAP) and Supplemental Contributory Pension (SCP) paid by the government.

This initiative is to get the job seekers to work in the private sectors, and hopefully for the long term, said the Head of APTK.

The agency hopes that more local job seekers will register with the agency with the commitment to work in the private sector.

Aged between 18 and 35, job seekers who registered with APTK were screened for proper job matching.

“When they first applied with APTK, they were screened on what are their interests or what job they are looking for, and that’s when we match them with the companies according to their criteria,’’ he said.

He said that up till year 2013, more than 4000 job vacancies were being advertised in the agency.

Ranging from ICT, banking and finance, retail, transportation, among others, the agency accepts any qualification, he added.

Among the job vacancy were Technician, IT Technician, Sales Assistant, Sales Promoter, Electrical Assistant, Assistant IT Engineer, Showroom Assistant, Showroom Sales Assistant, Administration, Sales Marketing, Drainage Technician, Service Cleaner, Serviceman and Scaffolder. The companies involved in the signing ceremony were Srimaya Technologies and Communication, Bit Computer, Unitek Company, Ishajaya Technology, GL Extra, KGL Enterprise, QAF Victoria, Brudirect, Rentokil Initial and Mashhor Group.

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