Two men jailed for stealing 12 cars

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TWO men have been sentenced yesterday to each serve over 50 months in jail after both defendants pleaded guilty to stealing 12 cars before the Magistrates’ Court.

The court document stated that defendants, Abdul Halim Abdullah Awang @Alim Awang, 40, and Adi Munawar Hj Wasli, 37, were involved in a series of car thefts from December 12, 2013 to January 1 in the Brunei-Muara district.

The cars that were stolen included nine Toyota Super Kijangs, a Daihatsu Charmant, a Nissan Urvan and a Mitsubishi Pajero.

The defendants had targeted cars that were parked at its respective locations.

On December 17, 2013, the defendants stole the Nissan Urvan when they discovered that it was unlocked and the engine was still running.

They proceeded to change the licence plates of the car and changed the color of the car by placing blue and black sticker on the back end of the van.

Police recovered only 10 cars, while the rest were sold off by the defendants and the money was later divided among themselves.

During the proceedings yesterday, the court ordered Abdul Halim to serve 51 months in jail, while Adi Munawar, who was previously convicted for theft-related offences, was sentenced to serve 63 months in jail. The sentences were ordered to run with immediate effect.

The Brunei Times