Power cable repairs to be completed by today

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REPAIRS to power cables damaged by landslides, which subsequently caused electrical outtages in major residential areas in the Brunei-Muara District over the past week, are expected to be completed later today. The repair works should not affect electricity supply, the Department of Electrical Services (DES) assured in a statement to the media yesterday.

The department added that it will add protection to the power cables, identify routes that were deemed to be unstable and tranfser the cables to safer areas.

It was hoped that these measures would prevent a repeat of the electricity disruptions, which have affected Kg Tungku, Kg Rimba, Muara, Kg Mentiri, Kg Sungai Besar, Kg Tanah Jambu and Kg Sungai Hanching since January 14. The DES noted that the supply of electricity through the grid from electric power stations has since improved and was able to meet demand. The use of mobile power generators have ceased but were on “stand-by”.

The department also assured that it was working on the generator affected due to the damage on the 66,000 KV dual transmission power cables leading to the Gadong Electrical Substation 2 in Kg Tungku. However, no date was given for the completion of this work.

In the press release, the DES also wished to update the public on the efforts done to restore service in affected areas.

Work on the 11,000 volt underground cable from Kg Katok substation and work on the extension of the cable to supply additional electricity was completed on January 16, restoring power to Kg Perpindahan Rimba and Kg Tanah Jambu. An extension to the transmission cable was completed on January 17.

The department also reminded that it will only provide information on recent developments to the public through the media. It hoped for public cooperation against false information on social media. Legal action can be taken should false information cause undue panic, it warned. For further enquiries the public can contact the DES Acting Director at 8733489 or the DES hotline 144. Updates on social media are @energydeptbd on Twitter or find “Energy Department Brunei Darussalam” on Facebook.

The Brunei Times