Bistari Day K advocates learning by playing

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BISTARI Day K (BDK) emphasised its focus on learning through playing during a parents’ day event at its premises in Taman Permata Hijau, Berakas yesterday morning.

“Lessons and activities at Bistari Day K focus on learning through playing,” said chairperson of BDK’s board of directors, Datin Hjh Masnah Hj Tuah. The day care is for children aged between three months to three years old.

She cited singing to remember the alphabets as an example of BDK’s methodology.

The children were also taught personnel cleanliness, like washing hands before and after eating, how to climb stairs safely and the habit of putting their toys away after playing with them.

The children also learned basic etiquette like saying Bismillah before eating and Alhamdulillah after they finished their meals.

“BDK also monitors food that the children bring from home to ensure the food is nutritious and healthy,” said Datin Hjh Masnah.

The day care also has a retired qualified midwife who trains its staff every Wednesday to be better carers. She also conducts health check ups on the children.

BDK started operating in April 2012 with 15 chidlren in its care. Last year, 72 children were enrolled in the day care.

The Brunei Times