Do not fall victim to crime, imams caution

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IMAMS nationwide reminded Muslims to be aware of modern challenges, especially “new crimes” – cyber crimes – which are now becoming rampant in the Sultanate.

Cyber crimes like transactions through advertisement frauds, new offers and promotions involving money, stealing personal data, internet hackers and spreading false information target those who are vulnerable and are already facing financial problems.

The sermon urged all relevant organisations to take preventive measures. However, imams also cautioned the public to always be aware of the risks of cyber crimes and to be careful when surfing the Internet and not to share their personal details with unknown individuals.

The sermon focused on the criminal activities and commanded the efforts of the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF).

Muslims are also reminded not to be gullible and fall victim to false Internet advertising or promotions.

“Islam puts emphasis on knowledge, and information technology is one of the components of knowledge. Information technology has made positive impacts on people’s lives around the world if the technology is used wisely. However, if it is misused, the knowledge will be wasted,” said the imams.

It has become the norm these days to receive information or reminders via social media such as WhatsApp or Facebook whereby most of the contents are fabricated and baseless.

“This fabricated information sometimes contain threats that harm public order, defamatory and insulting, or simply spreading rumours and causing public fear and panic. All these actions are sinful and forbidden in Islam,” the sermon noted.

Imams nationwide said that Allah SWT has decreed that defamation is a big sin, even when compared to taking human life.

“Spreading false information or rumours is also against the law and (those caught) can be prosecuted in court and sent to prison,” said the imams.

Other problems such as youth sinvolved in social ills and crime must be emphasised. The RBPF and crime prevention agencies have found that minors are becoming involved in criminal activities.

“It is saddening to see this scenario as youths are the assets of our future... Thus, parents must play their part in monitoring their children’s activities and keeping a watchful eye over their circle of friends,” said the Imams.

Parents are the best role models to children and are the frontliners in preventing them from getting involved in criminal activities.

Recently, the most common criminal activity in Brunei was stealing including the incidents where the safety boxes containing public donations at mosques were stolen. Stealing reflected that the person has no iman (faith).

The Imams urged the public to be diligent and exercise precaution as to not invite criminal acts such as theft whether in theur homes, vehicles or even pubvlic buildings such as mosques.

We should not be careless, the sermon reminded, adding that mindless acts such as leaving doors open or leaving vehicles unlocked can invite unwanted attention.

The Brunei Times