TelBru aims fourth straight win in marching contest

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TELEKOM Brunei Berhad (TelBru) is looking to add another win in the Maulidur Rasul marching competition after emerging victorious for the past three years.

The telco hoped to repeat the success in the competition’s private sector category.

However, the chairperson for Telbru’s Maulidur Rasul contingent and head trainer, Captain (Rtd) Hj Mohammad Hj Md Daud, said their march was carried out for the love of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

“There are expectations placed on us and by others to win the category again,” he told The Brunei Times on the sidelines of the Maulidur Rasul procession yesterday.

“I would consider winning as only second to us. What is more important is that we came together willingly and whole-heartedly to enliven the anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’s birthday and it is a day to be proud of as a Muslim,” he added.

Capt (Rtd) Hj Mohammad, who led TelBru’s contingent for the fourth year, said the march was a way to show love for Prophet Muhammad.

The TelBru contingent stood out among the crowds with their crisp and synchronised march throughout the designated route across the capital.

He said the organised nature of their marching procession, together with discipline and the commitment of those joining the march was the reason they have consistently done well.

Once a uniformed personnel with the Royal Brunei Armed Forces, Capt (Rtd) Hj Mohammad, attributed the characteristics from his previous career that taught him the basics of a proper march.

“It took us a total of four days of intensive training and an hour and a half each day. It is important for those participating to have it in their hearts to fully commit and want to join the march.

“It is a team effort and if it is lacking, people can see it through the march,” he added.

The march that took place yesterday saw the involvement of 143 contingents from the government, private sector, and uniformed personnel.

The Brunei Times