SCOT recruiting help for sixth Green Xchange

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THE Society for Community Outreach and Training (SCOT) has reached its target to recruit 100 volunteers for the sixth installment of its flagship project, the Green Xchange (GX) .

The upcoming GX is slotted to take place on March 16, at Kg Batu Marang.

They will be collecting, exchanging and recycling collectables from the selected village in return for basic necessities such as rice.

During their previous installment (GX5) that took place at Kg Sg Kebun, Kampong Ayer, SCOT successfully had villagers exchange 8.2 tonnes of recyclable waste for 2,000 kilograms of rice.

Leading the project is Auji Azizi, the project manager for the upcoming GX, who expressed his positive expectation and high hopes for the GX as it will be the first project the society will be undertaking as an official non-governmental organisation.

SCOT has been choosing different villages as a venue for each GX project, and has been seeing positive responses from the past villages that have been involved.

“The logistics team headed down to look at the place (Kg Batu Marang) and to evaluate the possibilities and from there we concluded that it would be the ideal place to hold the GX,” said Auji who explained that they had received online responses on having the GX held at the village.

“We liked the idea that Kg Batu Marang is so close to the land and it is also a part of the water village, so I guess it can be said that we are making a move towards the land areas since we have been receiving requests from its villagers as well.”

Registration for volunteers has officially ended however, those interested to join the upcoming GX are still encouraged to sign up by e-mailing their full name, contact number, organisation (school/NGO/personal) along with their t-shirt size to

Auji explained that the GX participation would be beneficial for volunteers as they will be able to improve their social skills, public speaking and to learn more about communities in need while assisting in public awareness efforts to improve recycling habits for different communities in the country.

The Brunei Times