JUST IN: DES still working to fully restore power supply to affected areas

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DAMAGE to High Voltage 66,000 KV dual transmission power cables was identified as the main cause of power outages in several areas around Brunei-Muara district recently.

In an update of the situation, the Department of Electrical Services (DES) reported that investigations are still being carried out to determine what caused the damages. The department did however mention that damages to the transmission cables which supply and deliver electricity from the Gadong Power Station to the Tungku  66KV sub-station occurring both at the same time was remotely possible.

DES has been working around the clock to make the necessary repairs which will hopefully be completed by today, said the department’s spokesperson.

In the meantime, electricity supply to affected areas has been delivered via the back up line.

According to incident reports, areas around Brunei-Muara experienced power outages as early as 7pm on Jan 14 and restored in phases starting with Muara and Mentiri receiving electricity by 10pm later that evening. Supply was restored in the Rimba area several hours later.

The department explained that due to the back-up line’s limited capacity, parts of Rimba and Sg Hanching, especially at peak hours (6 to 10pm), will be done periodically, if public use goes beyond its capacity.

The Department also called for public cooperation from Rimba and Sg Hanching residents to minimize their electricity usage and to switch off any unnecessary electrical appliances.

The department apologises for any inconveniences caused and seeks public cooperation in this matter.

The Brunei Times