Use gadgets to improve reading habit: DBP director

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PARENTS are urged to make use of the latest gadgets in guiding their children to read, said the Director of Language and Literature Bureau (DBP) yesterday.

“Online reading will be very successful among the young children because parents provide them with gadgets such as iPads. Parents should show their children the right way to make use of the gadgets, which is popular among children. Tell the children to look for e-books instead of playing games. Parents must be alert of this and not just provide them with iPads just to keep their children occupied as this will spoil them,” Hjh Aminah Hj Momin said in an interview with The Brunei Times on the sideline of a briefing held on the bureau’s administration and work etiquette.

The soon-to-launched e-Library in the Sultanate will also attract more children to reading.

“Books are still relevant in our life, and so does the development of ICT. If we don’t develop our knowledge of ICT, we will be left behind. However, these two elements must go hand in hand, being able to refer to books as well as going through the Internet for more varieties of reading materials. As long as children are reading,” said Hjh Aminah.

The bureau will be collaborating with ministries and grassroots leaders to instil the reading culture in the country. They will also launch a programme called “Our literacy” for pregnant women.

“We are collaborating with ministries to instil reading culture among parents and children. One of them is looking at grassroots leaders from rural areas. From the village head, we could gather parents from the individual villages to promote reading with their children,” she said.

“There are a lot of books but no one wants to go to the library to read because there is no support from parents to get their children to read. So now, we want to encourage parents to read. This could make reading a habit to the children if parents make time to read.”

Meanwhile the “Early literacy” programme which will be launched in April in conjunction with World Book Day, hopes to encourage pregnant women to read so as to exposed the baby in reading even before birth.

“This programme is successful in other parts of the world and we hope that it would be successful in our country too. That’s why we asked ourselves, why people in Japan, for example, can read books while walking. This is because the child is taught early to read. For us, we only start reading when we start schooling,” she said.

The Brunei Times