MKM seeks help for poor kids

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THE Social Welfare Council (MKM) is turning to the public for financial support in the hopes of providing a better future for underprivileged children in Brunei.

One of the children cared for by MKM is Nur Amirah Natasha Abdullah, a three-year-old girl who has spent the past year living in a welfare home after her father was sentenced to prison for drug offences and her mother was admitted to a rehabilitation centre.

“She needs our help,” said MKM member Muzini Sherbini yesterday in an interview, pointing out the girl’s childhood has been far from ideal.

Affectionately known as Mia by her caregivers, the young girl previously lived in the Muslim cemetery in Kg Kianggeh with her parents, where they often slept.

She was then placed in a welfare home in Kg Belimbing, Subok, last January.

Until recently, her only companions were other abandoned children and adults living at the welfare home, many of whom are domestic abuse victims.

Muzini and his wife learned of Mia’s plight during a visit to the welfare home. Touched by the three-year-old’s story, the couple notified MKM, a local NGO committed to improving the welfare of vulnerable groups in the country.

“We knew that education would be the key in helping turn Mia’s life around, so we enrolled her in preschool last Monday to give her a head start,” he said.

The Brunei Times visited Mia at the Bright Kids Kindergarten and Primary School in Sg Tilong yesterday, where she appeared delighted to learn the alphabet and make friends with kids her own age.

Teachers commented she is a bright student, who was quickly becoming a favourite in class.

However, Mia’s future at the school remains uncertain with tuition fees and related expenses funded by donations made through MKM.

“Our plan is to keep her in preschool until she is old enough to attend a government school, but we can only do that if there are enough funds at MKM,” explained Muzini, urging the public to come forward and donate.

Mia remains oblivious to her situation, but the NGO is determined to help turn her life around with the public’s support. Sadly, her story is not uncommon.

To help underprivileged children like Mia, the public may contact MKM at 2336487 or email

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