Be good to attract good: expert

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HUMANS act like “magnets” and attract good or bad things depending on what is within themselves, a visiting Usuluddin lecturer said yesterday.

Therefore, knowing the “secrets” of the laws of attraction will enable people to achieve their dreams and amibitions, explained Dr Salahuddin Sopu Lasa of Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College’s (KUPU SB) Usuluddin Faculty.

“Human beings are the largest ‘magnets’ in the universe... whatever that is inside of us attracts similar things from the universe,” the lecturer said.

“Possessing goodness in ourselves will attract good things from the universe; and possession of evil will attract evil,” he added.

Speaking at the closing of KUPU SB’s Dikir Syrafil Anam ceremony at the university college’s multipurpose hall, Dr Salahuddin said optimism and goodness must be cultivated within oneself to succeed in life.

Among these traits were love, mercy, generosity and faithfulness, he explained.

“The message in the law (of attractions) is quite clear; to always cultivate goodness in the self and prevent the bad ones,” he said.

Relating this to the life of Prophet Muhammad SAW, he said that the prophet was exemplary as he never cultivated evil in himself and even taught Muslims to always think good of others.

“(Prophet) Muhammad’s (SAW) character was so great that he earned the nickname Al-Amin at a young age,” said Dr Salahuddin.

“During the cleansing of Mekah from idolatry, he freed and forgave his enemies, who had ridiculed him and hurt him. He never replied evil with evil,” he added.

“Love and mercy were the main nature of his prophetic mission, and this (was one of) the reasons why he was able to have the spectacular achievement of transforming the savage and primitive Arabs into a nation that is civilised and respected.”

To always think good of others, to be grateful and to consistently have good intentions for everything were among the prophet’s teachings, Dr Salahuddin reminded.

Stressing the importance of faith towards Allah SWT, he pointed out that zikir was part of the prophet’s daily routine as it was the link that connected people to Allah SWT.

“Like a bright lamp that is connected to electricity, if we are connected to Allah (SWT), we will always be optimistic, energetic and unyielding (in everything).”

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