Alleged robbers to be tried

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EIGHT men and a woman have been jointly charged with gang robbery at the Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

The defendants, five Bruneians and four Indonesians, are accused of committing gang robbery on a house in Kg Beribi by constraining a husband and wife on December 27, 2013.

At the time of the robbery, the defendants, aged in the early 20s to mid-forties, were believed to be armed with a machete.

During the proceedings before Chief Magistrate Hj Abdullah Soefri POKSM DSP, Deputy Public Prosecutor Pg Nina Jasmine said the Bruneian defendants were the mastermind of the gang robbery and were believed to be part of a “syndicate of robbers”.

The prosecution objected the defendants’ release on bail as there was a risk of absconding as several defendants resisted arrest.

The prosecution further said four other robbers were still at large. The prosecution said the four were believed to be related or in close communication with the defendants.

She went on to say the offences the defendants allegedly committed showed an increase of tendency to be involved in violent crimes as investigations found all of the defendants started off with petty crimes, followed by housebreaking and robbery.

“The two weeks of further investigations by the police is really in the interest of national security,” said the prosecution.

Among the items that were listed stolen included a handbag; cash amounting to $2,000 and RM700; driving licence; several credit cards and debit cards; several mobile phones; jewellery; iPads; and keys to the house and office.

The court granted the prosecution’s application and ordered seven of the defendants to be remanded at the Bandar Seri Begawan Police Station, and the remaining defendants to be held at Berakas Police Station, before a further mention of the case on January 25.

The Brunei Times