3 Bruneians charged with stealing from mosque

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THREE local men believed to be involved in a series of brazen robberies at 15 mosques have been brought to court for stealing cash donations from Kampung Beribi Mosque at Jalan Bunga Jasmin.

The defendants — Hj Jumat Hj Jaya, Shari Jarudin, and Mohammad Sedikan Bujang — were arrested on Thursday after one of the burglars was caught red-handed by a worker at Kg Beribi Mosque.

If convicted, they face up to seven years in prison for theft in a dwelling. The defendants have yet to enter a plea as the investigation is still ongoing.

Police told the court yesterday further statements from the trio were needed and also required their assistance to recover the stolen items.

Senior Magistrate Hj Nabil Daraina denied the defendants’ bail, saying there was a high probability they would tamper with evidence.

According to the Kg Beribi Mosque imam, Jeffry Hj Metassim, the three burglars were armed with an axe and crowbar used to pry open the cash donation box, which at the time contained $100. They also managed to steal a digital camera, drill and toolbox.

Earlier this week, the police said 12 mosques had been burgled in less than 10 days, with another two mosques back in November. The Kg Beribi Mosque was the 15th mosque that was robbed.

Police added only four of the 12 mosques had installed surveillance cameras. A spokesperson said the force would intensify patrols, especially around mosques located in remote areas.

The Brunei Times