Imams call stealing from mosques most atrocious sin

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TAKING away what rightfully belonged to orphans is among the most atrocious of sins one could commit in Islam, the Friday sermon said.

The sermon yesterday said the recent mosque theft cases do not only hurt the mosque.

“The particular issue (the mosque break-ins) is of great sadness (to the imams) because among the things which were stolen were the collection of donations intended for orphans,” imams nationwide said.

Police have arrested three locals suspected of breaking into mosques and stealing donations for the orphans fund.

Furthermore, imams nationwide reminded and warned with an excerpt from Al-Quran that those who steal the belongings of orphans will be awaited by hell fire and severe punishment in the hereafter.

The sermon encouraged congregants to follow the exemplary character and morals of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

“If the people and citizens of the nation can acquire and adopt the praiseworthy moral qualities (of the Prophet) then InsyaAllah the theft cases at the mosques will not happen,” the imams said.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is revered as a person of utmost character.

According to the imams, the reason for this admiration, honour and respect of the Prophet is a result of the way he led his life which has become a role model for Muslims.

The imams outlined four paths that a Muslim may take to this virtuous road to emulate the Prophet.

“First, we must obey all the commands and avoid all that is forbidden by Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him),” the sermon highlighted.

“Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was assigned to perfect the noblest of morals in humans,” the imams explained.

Thirdly, those in attendance at the mosque must uphold the sunnah (the tradition and practices of the Prophet), by concretely holding on to the teachings of Al-Quran.

The imams said that so long as we can hold on to the guidance of Al-Quran and _Sunnah _of the Prophet then we will not be easily misled.

Finally, the imams advised the congregants to constantly send their blessings and _selawat _as a mark of affection to Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

“Whoever that loves Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) with the sincerest of heart, will be blessed with ease and benefits. Among (the benefits are) to be earned the love and affection from Allah SWT as well as forgiveness for certain sins,” the sermon said.

The Brunei Times