High winds expected at sea, Brunei not affected

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SEVERAL areas of the South China Sea was reported to expect high winds of up to 60km per hour and waves of more than 5.5 metres high, a report from Bernama stated yesterday.

When The Brunei Times contacted the Brunei’s Meteorological Department, the duty forecaster said that the Sultanate is not affected as of yet.

“So far, data from offshore platform shows that waves are currently less than 1.5m, which is moderate,”’ said the duty forecaster.

According to the department, it received reports from Malaysia about the increase in wave but said that it will “take time to reach our country”.

“We look at the real data which we gathered from the offshore platforms. If this data indicates an increase, depending on the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), we will issue the appropriate weather advisory warnings,” the duty forecaster added.

“For now, there is no increase in wind and wave. However, based on the model, waves will reach two metres high by January 13.

“But we are still looking at the real data. However, public will be informed beforehand for any warnings,” said the duty forecaster.

The duty forecaster advised for small boat operators to avoid going offshore during this period.

According to Bernama, the waters off Sabah (Tawau, Semporna and Lahad Datu), will experience high winds of between 40km and 50km per hour which is expected to prevail until January 20, and the condition was also dangerous for small boats as well as sea sports and recreational activities.

The Brunei Times