Filipina converts to Islam

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MEETING her future husband and their discussions about religion eventually led a 27-year-old Filipino to embrace Islam yesterday.

Rosel Giray Claro took a leap of faith yesterday, and plans to marry Budi Omar, the Indonesian man who introduced her to Islam next year.

“We had many conversations and discussions about Islam and finally I realised that Islam is the true religion and Allah SWT is the only God,” she said in an interview.

Rosel, who hailed from Manila, Philippines said her family had no objections of her embracing Islam and planning to marry a Muslim man.

“My family are followers of Roman Catholicism but Alhamdulillah (Praise to Allah SWT), they did not object with my decision and I am planning to introduce this true religion to them slowly,” she said.

Rosel, who is the second of four children, is the only one working abroad. All her siblings are staying with her parents in Manila.

Rosel said her fiancé has been supporting and encouraging her to learn more about Islam, apart from taking classes at Islamic Da’wah Centre.

“I still have a lot to learn about Islam and how to be a good Muslimah. I hope with the support I get from my fiancé and friends, I can be one,” she said, adding that she was elated to embrace the religion.

She chose Rosel Aura Zawanah Abdullah as her Muslim name during the conversion ceremony at Baitul Athirah in Kampung Beribi.

Rosel shed tears after the conversion ceremony, and during the sprinkling of scented flowers by guests.

The Brunei Times