Pupils of Panaga moved to Lumut

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STUDENTS from the flood-affected Panaga Primary School in Seria have been temporarily relocated to Lumut Secondary School, as part of the Ministry of Education’s contingency plan.

A total of 345 students in Year Two to Six began their new school year at the nearby school yesterday, while classes for pre-schoolers and Year One pupils have been postponed until Panaga Primary School resumes operations.

The students were also provided with bus transportation to and from Lumut Secondary School, situated about 22km away.

Acting Education Minister Dato Seri Setia Hj Yusoff Hj Ismail visited the students relocated from Panaga Primary School yesterday to ensure the temporary facilities at Lumut Secondary School were satisfactory.

During his visit, Dato Hj Yusoff spoke to students and toured the classrooms with Panaga School Primary School Principal Hjh Nur Zurina Hj Assim.

He then inspected the conditions of Panaga Primary School, where floodwaters have receded, leaving behind classrooms soiled in mud and debris.

The school remains closed while cleaning and refurbishments take place.

Dato Hj Yusoff advised the administrative staff to ensure the flood clean-up process is carried out thoroughly before students return to the school.

Ministry officials present during the visit were Permanent Secretary of Core Education Dr Junaidi Abd Rahman, Acting Deputy Permanent Secretary of Core Education Hj Rahim Derus, and Director-general of Education Pg Hjh Sarah Pg Hj Kamaluddin.

It was reported last Friday that the floodwater level reached 0.4 metres, damaging the floors, as well as items such as textbooks and iPads that were used for educational purposes at the school of 455 students and 35 teaching staff.

Hjh Nur Zurina said they were unprepared for the disaster as flooding was new and an unexpected occurrence to Panaga Primary School.

The Brunei Times