Nurture recycling habit through schools

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HEWLETT-PACKARD (HP) in collaboration with local non-profit organisation, Green Brunei, will be introducing its Recycling Drive campaign in schools soon.

The campaign is being organised in line with its vision to create a sustainable environment by encouraging the participation of local schools.

The HP - Green Brunei Recycling Drive is jointly organised by HP through their distributor, Sulaiman Development Services Sdn Bhd, in collaboration with Green Brunei and also in partnership with Daikyo Environmental Recycling Sdn Bhd and supported by the Department of Schools under the Ministry of Education.

According to the Sulaiman Hj Ahai, Managing Director of Sulaiman Development Services Sdn Bhd, the event will mark its first collaboration with Green Brunei to raise awareness of recycling amongst the public, especially students in schools.

“This is the first project by HP under our corporate social responsibility for this year and we hope to do more in the future. We hope that through this initiative, we will help to encourage more people to practise recycling.”

Meanwhile Khairunnisa Ash’ari, Community Engagement Director of Green Brunei said that the drive aims to develop a recycling habit amongst students and to enhance their knowledge of recycling. It is also part of Green Brunei’s commitment and support for stronger environmental education in the community.

“Green Brunei is very happy to be able to work with Hewlett-Packard (HP) through their official distributor, Sulaiman Development Services Sdn Bhd (SDS) on this project as we both share the same vision about helping to make the environment sustainable,” said Khairunnisa.

Under the banner of “Reduce your waste and recycle for a greener society!” Khairunnisa said that they hope to reach their total target of around 20 tonnes of recyclable waste during the recycling drive.

Participating schools for the competition will be provided with recycling bins and will be able to gain funds during each collection as the recyclables will be sold to Daikyo Environmental Recycling Sdn Bhd using fixed rates. As of press time, the rates are 1kg of paper is equivalent to $0.05, 1kg of plastic for $0.03 and $1.20 for aluminum cans).

The Community Engagement Director of Green Brunei also shared that on average, a Bruneian produces 1.4kg of waste per day amounting to about 189,000 tonnes of waste per year. This marks Brunei as the highest per capita generator of waste in ASEAN.

“We hope that through this initiative it would encourage more recycling habits and awareness about the waste problem that we have in the country”, she added.

Results of the recycling drive will be announced in June in conjunction with World Environment Day. Three awards will be given to the three categories opened. First, will be for the Best Participating School, for the school that collects the most recyclable (in relation to the number of students/size of school); second, the Best Waste Recycling Corner (Overall) for the school that has the most creative recycling corner; and finally the Best Waste Reduction and Recycling Campaign, for the school that has the most creative campaign to encourage waste reduction and promote recycling.

Participation is open to all schools in Brunei Darussalam. Application forms and additional information can be downloaded from the Green Brunei website,

For more information about the programme, the public can contact Khairunnisa at 8626588, or email

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