Students get briefing on SPN21

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GOVERNMENT secondary schools held orientation sessions for Year Seven and Year Nine students yesterday, in a bid to better inform the students about the academic programmes they would be embarking upon this year.

The orientations were also meant to help familiarise students with their respective schools’ rules and regulations, and the teaching and learning environments.

Eighty-seven Year Nine students at Menglait Secondary School were reminded about attendance hurdle requirements to progress into Year 10 next year.

“You have to be motivated and dedicated in order to progress into Year 10, and then Year 11 and onwards,” urged the school’s Deputy Head of Academics, Hjh Susilawati Dato Paduka Hj Muhammad.

The students also listened to a talk delivered by Senior Academic Teacher Faizah Zolkipli, who encouraged the students to constantly ask questions during their time at the school.

“It is a big jump, moving from Year Eight to Year Nine – it will be completely different,” Faizah said.

The teacher also clarified the different streams of education available at the school for Year Nine and Year 10 students, which ultimately lead to the Cambridge O Level examinations.

Among these were the two-year General Programme Science stream (more commonly known as the “express” stream in many schools), the three-year General Programme Science stream, the three-year General Programme art stream, and the three-year Applied Programme (students who require additional help in English Language, Math and Science).

Students under the three-year Special Applied Programme (SAP) were given a run-through of subject choices available at the school. SAP students will be aiming for Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) qualifications.

According to Faizah, it was possible for SAP students to switch to the Applied Programme stream, which will also lead to O Level examinations.

“If certain conditions are met, such as you achieve excellent results in all your subjects, and if your teachers believe you can make the change, you can make the switch from SAP,” she told the students.

During the orientation, additional briefings were also delivered, including school bus transportation application procedures), discipline, co-curricular activities, and counselling services.

Meanwhile, more than 280 students attended the Year Seven orientation at Sayyidina Hasan Secondary School.

The new students listened to an overall explanation about School-Based Assessment for Learning (SBAfL), as well as the Student Progress Examinations (SPE) that is held at the end of Year Eight – the two major components that make up the national system of education, SPN21.

Under the system, students’ overall Student Progress Assessment, which determines whether students will progress to Year Nine) will no longer be determined from just written final exams (SPE) alone, but will also include grades from the students’ BCATS (Brunei Common Assessment Tasks).

BCATs will count for a certain percentage (depending on individual subjects) within each subject’s SPA.

The students were also briefed about student affairs and well-being by Deputy Principal of Administration Hj Mat Yassin Hj Apong, and about personal accident insurance plans.

A similar Year Seven orientation programme was also held for more than 200 students at Sultan Sharif Ali Secondary School.

The majority of government and private schools in the nation began the new school year on Thursday.

The Brunei Times