‘Stop discouraging Bruneians from taking up photography’

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BRUNEIANS should not be discouraged from taking up photography and expressing their creativity as the art would help contribute to the nation, an award-winning photographer said.

Jinnidi Hj Mahali, Best Photographer 2013 at the Brunei Photographic Society, said the images photographers captured were more than images.

“It tells a story and how creatively you can portray it and that is the most important thing for a photographer,” he said.

Jinnidi said photography can contribute to the arts in the country, and it would help people “truly see” Brunei through the eyes of others.

He said one would need to polish their skills and vision, while learning how to develop themselves in photography.

“To be a photographer is more than just equipment. Equipment is not everything, they are tools but the vision is within the person themselves. Without the person, there would not be any creative output.”

He urged photographers who are new in the field not to be afraid of constructive criticisms.

“Joining workshops and obtaining peer reviews can increase one’s credibility. While an image may seem beautiful in our eyes, seek the advice of others as there are always ways to improve.

“Do not be afraid of what others may say as knowledge can be found anywhere and we should constantly seek knowledge in whatever field we are,” added Jinnidi.

He added that photographers should embrace new technologies and use it positively especially in the processing of photos.

“I understand that people edit their photos to clear flaws and minimise it, but it is not a problem so long as they do not change its context or the truth contained in the photos.”

Jinnidi has received the year’s Best Photographer honour three times during his 10-year membership at the society.

The Brunei Times