Turn at Jerudong road closed

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THE turn into Tutong-Muara Highway from Jerudong Beach has been closed to motorists.

Red and white barriers were placed at the turn near the Shell petrol station, preventing motorists coming from Jerudong Beach to turn right into the highway.

The Investigation and Traffic Control Department spokesperson confirmed the closure and said it was recommended for the turn to be closed temporarily.

“Presently, the Public Works Department and Road Safety Council are conducting a survey at the stretch due to frequent accidents at the junction,” he said.

According to a few motorists, the barriers were placed there a week before the new year. Motorists from Jerudong Beach who wished to enter the Tutong-Muara Highway have to drive further down and make a U-turn near Asma Hotel.

“I don’t know the exact reason why the turn is barricaded but I suspect it is because some irresponsible drivers made illegal U-turns, which in a few cases had caused several accidents,” said a motorist who declined to be named.

Another motorist said he used to make illegal U-turns to go to the petrol station, but claimed he only did it during non-peak hours where traffic was not heavy.

“I guess now I just have to drive further down to make a U-turn at the designated area,” he said.

He added the closure forced motorists to be disciplined and made a U-turn at the designated location about a kilometre further away.

“It is just a matter of getting used to it,” he added.

The latest accident was reported on Dec 15, where a car landed upside down after hitting another car that made an illegal U-turn.

The driver of Subaru Impreza claimed he was unable to brake in time and hit the back of the Toyota that made the illegal U-turn near the petrol station.

His car then hit the divider and landed upside down. Both drivers did not sustain any serious injuries.

The Brunei Times