Panaga students may be moved to other schools

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PANAGA Primary School students may be relocated to temporary schools as part of the Ministry of Education’s contingency plan if floods continue to cause disruption.

In a press statement issued yesterday, the Ministry of Education stated that the pupils could study at other schools nearby, subject to their parents and guardians’ approval.

Students would also be provided bus transportation assistance to the temporary schools, the statement read.

Classes for nursery students and Year 1 pupils have also been postponed to a date that would be announced later.

Ministry officials observed that Panaga Primary School was still affected by the floods, as classrooms were soiled with mud, producing an unpleasant smell.

The manholes were also found to be blocked and could lead to the outbreak of infectious diseases, which could affect the health of the pupils,” the statement added.

It was reported on Friday that the floodwater level reached 0.4 metres, and the flood had damaged floors as well as items such as books and iPads that were used at the school.

According to Panaga Primary School Headmistress Hjh Nur Zurina Hj Assim on Thursday, the flooding of the school was new, and the school was unprepared for the disaster.

The ministry’s action plan is in accordance to the existing standard operating procedure guidelines for Primary Education Unit, Department of Schools, the statement added.

The ministry stated that the standard existing procedures include working with other government agencies and non-governmental organisations to address problems related to flooding, as well as hold continuous discussions with parents to communicate and convey information about the school’s situation.

This is to ensure teaching and learning activities are not affected and the school infrastructure is in good and safe condition, the press release stated.

The ministry further said it had been working with the Department of Public Works, Ministry of Health, Fire and Rescue Department and other departments to oversee the flood conditions at Panaga Primary School.

Panaga Primary School in Seria has 455 students and 35 teaching staff.

The Brunei Times