German university opens application for summer school

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GRADUATE students are invited to apply and send in their applications to join the 13th International Summer School on ‘Muslims in the West’ at the University of Erfurt.

The summer school is looking for 15 young scholars from countries with significant Muslim populations to participate.

There will be four main areas for discussion during the summer school which is expected to run from August 13 - 27 later this year, a statement from the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany stated.

The summer school activities are focused on providing the possibility to experience the pluralistic structure of Islam in European context and highlight the mutual interlacing between Muslims and non-Muslims as well as the interaction between Muslims amongst one another.

The topics include an analysis of historical encounters and mutual perceptions between Muslims and ‘Christian Europe’. The second topic will deal with the European Union (EU) along with its structures, goals and values.

An emphasis will be placed upon the role of religion in the self-perception of the EU and its positioning in relation to Islam.

The topic of interaction between state and majority populations will also be discussed within the third topic where selected case studies will be selected for discussion.

Successful applicants will receive a grant covering part of their travel and accommodation expenses and they will have the opportunity to participate in cultural programmes and excursions to Weimar and Berlin.

To apply for the summer school programme, interested applicants can send their curriculum vitae and a statement of motivation of 400 words through mail to the University of Erfurt, Chair of Islamic Studies, Nordhaeuser Str 63,9 9089 Erfurt, Germany, or send through e-mail to with ‘ref: Muslims in the West’ as their subject title.

Applications are to be submitted in English by February 15, 2014 and they can visit_ _for further information.

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