Rough weather, but seafood sufficient

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DESPITE the recent strong winds and heavy rain, supplies of fish are “sufficient” to meet demand, says fishmongers.

Yesterday, The Brunei Times visited Jerudong fish market to check on seafood availability.

Hj Shahib Hj Kamis, who runs two stalls, said that business was fairly good despite the unfavourable weather conditions, which have affected catches.

“We have [enough] fish every day, even when the weather doesn’t permit fishermen to go out to sea, we have adequate fish in the fishpond,” the 64-year-old said, referring to the three ponds at his fish farm.

Hj Shahib has been running the fish farm at his house in Kg Kulapis for 20 years.

“There is no problem with supplying fish to customers. My staff (are continuing) to go out to sea from Jerudong and Muara to catch seafood.”

Other than selling directly to customers at the market, Hj Shahib also supplies seafood to restaurants at the The Empire Hotel & Country Club, as well as KTM Thai seafood restaurant and Happy Dean Restaurant.

He has three fishing boats which typically go out to sea at 3.30am and return at 10am.

However, on bad days, when his fishermen return empty handed, Hj Shahib’s customers rarely notice.

“If they do not catch any fish, we will get some from my ponds.”

Meanwhile, fishmonger Pg Radin Mahmmud Pg Hj Abd Kahar said he gets his seafood from the Fisheries Department.

“My men go out to sea, but their catch depends on the weather. Sometimes they have a lot, but sometimes there’s none.

“Strong winds and big waves make it difficult to go out to sea. During this time, even if we go out to sea, we won’t catch anything,” he said.

The Brunei Times