Rain triggers floods in Tutong, Belait

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AUTHORITIES have reported incidents of flooding in Tutong and soil erosion in Belait as the country continued to experience heavy rainfall this week.

Flooding has affected a number of roads in rural Tutong, closing off access to Jalan Kg Benutan, Jalan Bangkuru, Jalan Kuala Ungar Rambai and Jalan Kuala Ungar Benutan in Mukim Rambai, as well as Jalan Pengkalan Dong, Kg Layong, in Mukim Lamunin.

Several houses in Kg Panchong and Jalan Pengkalan Dong, Kg Layong in Mukim Lamunin have also been submerged in manageable levels of floodwater.

A truck, provided by the Tutong District Office, has been stationed on Jalan Pengkalan Dong to transport residents across the flooded roads.

Assessments by the Fire and Rescue Department together with the Tutong District Office on the affected areas yesterday found that floodwater has gradually dissipated and some roads are accessible by four-wheel drive vehicles.

The Tutong District Disaster Management Committee also held a meeting, chaired by acting Tutong District officer Hj Ali Matyassin, to discuss preparations for the low-lying areas situated by the river banks that are prone to flooding.

According to a press statement from the Tutong District Office, members of the Tutong District Disaster Management Committee will continue to monitor the floodwater levels in the affected areas. As of yesterday, the floodwater levels were deemed manageable.

In Belait, meanwhile, heavy rainfall and strong currents have led to soil erosion along several river banks in the district.

Weather conditions have damaged the Sungai Buau Bridge, as reported by The Brunei Times on December 21, restricting access for hundreds of residents in Mukim Sukang and Mukim Melilas.

The Belait District Office yesterday said the area has remained closed over the past week.

The foundation of the Sungai Buau Bridge gave way at around 7pm to 8pm last Wednesday. However, no injuries were reported. Heavy rainfall and swift currents affected the structure of the bridge, causing the nearby ground to sink around two feet deep.

A temporary bridge is currently being built by the Public Works Department (PWD) to enable the residents of Mukim Sukang and Mukim Melilas to cross Sungai Buang. The PWD is also looking to construct another bridge to replace the present bridge.

Residents of Mukim Suakng and Mukim Melilas were advised to use boats from Kg Sungai Mau to travel to Belait town, while the public wishing to visit the affected areas were encouraged to postpone their travel plans until repair works on the Sungai Buau Bridge have been completed.

The Metrological Department reported that unsettled weather conditions with occasional afternoon or evening heavy showers and thunderstorms are expected to occur for the next two months as Brunei will be transiting to the Northeast Monsoon from December to March.

A total of 16 weather warnings have been issued so far this month, cautioning the public of heavy rainfall, thundershowers, strong winds and flash floods.

The Brunei Times