PPB trainees find perspective in therapy

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THE Youth Development Centre’s (PPB) community therapy course in its Self Development Programme is showing positive results as trainees are becoming more self-disciplined and consistent.

This was noted by a number of course participants yesterday during the monthly parade and awards ceremony for its Brief Course session 2013/2014 held at the Binadiri Hall, PPB.

Among their aims and objectives were to encourage active participation from trainees in programmes and inspire them to improve.

The programme also seeks to promote healthy lifestyle and self-discipline among trainees and to foster the spirits of friendship and cooperation between them.

Of the 16 trainees who received awards, four males and four females received best overall trainees’ awards in their respective fields. In the male category, Best Parade Male Trainee went to Pg Zulfadli Pg Ahmad Pedilah, Best Discipline Male Trainee went to Afiz Afiat and Best Spiritual Male Trainee went to Md Shahminan Hj Tali while Best Sports Male Trainee went to Saifulrudin Sahri.

In the female category, Best Parade Female Trainee went to Lizawati Razali, Best Discipline Female Trainee went to Nurul Azira Mohd Suhaimi Al Islam, and Best Spiritual Female Trainee went to Nurul Zahidah Pg Shamsul Bahrin while Best Sports Female Trainee went to Nur Afiqah Baharuddin.

Presenting the awards yesterday as the guest of honour was the Acting Head of PPB, Saiful Rijal Arifin.

The Best Parade Female Trainee award recipient, Lizawati, and the Best Parade Male Trainee recipient, Pg Zulfadli, both expressed their gratitude in being chosen for the award.

According to them, the group therapy was one of the courses in the programme which taught them to accept and embrace life’s norms.

“There are four sections within the structure of the Therapeutic Community which helped us to reshape ourselves.”

“The four are attitude, spirituality, emotional control and survival skills and from these, we develop our sense of discipline and uphold it,” said Lizawati.

“We are also grateful to Al-Islah Centre for giving us the right directions as well as providing us with the opportunity to participate in such valuable course,” she added.

Meanwhile, Pg Zulfadli believed that the training and lessons was one of the reasons why he was awarded the Best Parade Male Trainee, aside from his past experience.

Md Shahminan, the award recipient for the Best Spiritual Male Trainee, said that even though it was considered a small step, he was quite satisfied as his efforts in reshaping himself were fruitful.

Md Shahminan said that the Therapeutic Community was quite helpful as a preparation for their release into the bigger picture.

“The Therapeutic Community is where we are allocated into smaller groups to learn how to live as a family and adapt ourselves to it because we are being released back into society,” he said.

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