Police probe man for arms possession

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THE Royal Brunei Police Force is investigating a man who was arrested at his father’s home on Sunday for suspected possession of firearms.

Ampuan Mohamad Shukry Ampuan Mumali/Awang Yusof, 40, appeared at the Magistrates’ Court yesterday and was charged with breaching rule 2 of the Arms and Explosives Rules. The court heard that the defendant committed an offence punishable under rule 17 (1) of the Arms and Explosives Rules.

On December 23, the defendant was alleged to have been in possession of two homemade rifles without a licence in the vicinity of Jalan Dipa Negara, Kuala Belait.

The penalty for the offence is a jail term of up to 15 years and not more than 12 strokes of the cane.

The charge was read to the defendant but no plea was recorded.

During the proceedings before Senior Magistrate Hj Nabil Daraina PUKDPSSU Hj Badaruddin yesterday, the prosecution told the court police investigations were still ongoing and that further searches for more weapons were being conducted at the house.

He also said the results of a weapons test by the military police were still pending, as was a ballistic report.

One rifle was thought to have been made by the suspect, while the other rifle had allegedly been bought by the defendant.

The prosecution said the identity of the person who allegedly sold the handmade rifle was unknown.

A further mention of the case will take place on January 21, 2014. Meanwhile, Ampuan Mohamad Shukry has been released on $10,000 bail with two local sureties.

The court further ordered that the defendant’s passport be impounded and that he fully cooperate with the police.

He was also ordered not to approach any witnesses or tamper with evidence.

The court reminded Ampuan Mohamad Shukry that should he breach any of the conditions, the police or the prosecution could apply for his bail to be revoked.

The Brunei Times