Police: Be alert during holidays

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POLICE reminded the public to be careful when withdrawing money from banks, in light of government bonus day and the back-to-school shopping rush during the holiday season.

In a police advisory issued yesterday, the public were urged to always accompany senior citizens whenever they need to do their banking, and not to count their money after leaving the ATM machine as it can attract criminals’ attention.

“If it involves a huge sum of money, make sure you count the money in private, and put them in a safe place before leaving the bank,” the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) statement read.

Police also advised against withdrawing money from ATM machines alone, during late at night or early in the morning.

The government bonus is expected to be released tomorrow.

Meanwhile, for those who are planning to go on a holiday, they were advised to ensure all doors and windows in their house are properly locked, and tools such as hammers, screwdrivers or ladders are not left outside the house as they can be used by robbers to break into the house.

“Cut the grass around the compound and make sure the area around the house is well lit at night,” the statement said.

The public were also urged not to leave their valuables lying around in the house, or in the car as this would attract criminals.

“Valuables should be kept in safe place and difficult to find,” it added.

Police also advised the public to inform their neighbours of their whereabouts, and the duration of their holidays. They should ask their neighbours to help check the house periodically.

“It is advisable for public who are going on a long holiday to inform and leave their contact numbers with the nearest police station. For further safety precautions, it is advisable for house owners to install CCTV or alarms at their residence,” said the statement.

The RBPF also advised drivers who are going to start a long journey to always be careful and courteous to other road users.

“Please follow the road signs especially the traffic lights, drive within the speed limit, stop using mobile phone when driving and to always wear the seatbelt,” the statement read.

The statement further advised motorists to conduct service checks on their vehicles before the start of a long journey. They must constantly focus on their driving, their surroundings, be more careful with the change of weather and road conditions.

Drivers should also stop and rest periodically to ensure they are in a good condition to continue driving.

The RBPF also called on the public to continuously give their support and cooperation and provide information of any criminal activity by contacting the nearest police station or police hotline 993.

The Brunei Times