MoFAT to allocate Philippines aid

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WITH cash donations mounting for the Humanitarian Fund for Victims of Typhoon Haiyan and the Bohol Earthquake, the Department of Community Development (JAPEM) – co-chair of the fund’s secretariat – gave assurances that the money donated are being channelled to those in need in a timely and appropriate fashion.

The humanitarian fund, running from November 11 to February 10, has raised more than $180,000, as of December 23, for the victims of the Bohol Earthquake, which struck on October 15, and Supertyphoon Haiyan, which barrelled into the central Philippines on November 8.

The exact allocation of money to each disaster area will be decided by the fund’s secretariat when collection of money ends.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade ... will identify the best way to channel the aid. It will conduct an assessment and make recommendations to ensure that the good intentions of Bruneian well-wishers will reach those most deserving and most in need.

“Usually, these funds will be used for rehabilitation and reconstruction projects such as rebuilding houses, schools, mosques and pesantren (traditional religious education facilities),” explained JAPEM officer Janapi Jian.

Janapi said the in-kind donations collected in Brunei from November 14 to November 28 were based on the urgent needs of the victims and were delivered swiftly.

Donated items were delivered in stages with the assistance of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces and the National Disaster Management Centre.

“The aim of helping is to ease the burden of the affected people... This is why we did not wait. We shipped items by air and sea as we received them,” he said.

In total, four consignments of donations carried by Royal Brunei Air Force CN235 transport aircraft and three shipments of goods carried by the Royal Brunei Navy ship KDB Darussalam were delivered to typhoon-stricken Tacloban in November.

The Philippine Embassy in Brunei on Monday warmed the public to be wary of scams.

Donors can contact the Philippine Embassy for legitimate aid channels on 673-2241465, 2241466 or 2238845.

The Brunei Times