Law enforcers keep watch over immigration offenders via Ops Sergah

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THIRTEEN officers led by the Acting Chief Immigration Officer recently conducted inspection on three houses and rooms that were identified a potential hide-outs for immigration offenders.

The five hour inspection was conducted under ‘Ops Sergah JIPK 81/2013’ and focused on areas around Sinaut, Lamunin in Tutong and Gadong.

During the inspections, more than 20 foreigners that were checked with all having valid travel documents.

According to a statement issued on the operation, the houses were suspected as potential areas due to their distant location away from the Capital.

Recently, in Ops Sergah 76 that took place on December 19, the department detained nine foreigners who were found to have abused their immigration passes.

They were found to be selling vegetables in the Sengkurong and Kilanas while holding visit passes while another was found to hav committed two offences with the other offence being illegal sales of cigarettes. The department welcomes public tip-offs and can be contacted through their hotline 8753888.

The Brunei Times