TelBru to introduce flat rates for landline calls from January 1

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FLAT rates for landline calls will be introduced for Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru) customers from January 1 next year, the telco announced yesterday.

Local calls will now be charged at a flat rate of $0.03 per minute regardless of whether it is a business or residential line.

However, mobile (DST and B.Mobile) tariffs will remain unchanged and follow existing standard rates of $0.10 (off peak) and $0.20 (peak). This rate also includes calls made with IDD and 098 numbers.

During a press conference at the TelBru headquarters in Yayasan Complex, TelBru Chief Marketing Officer Lim Ming Soon said calls are currently charged at different rates depending on time of the day and whether they were within or between districts.

The system, he explained is based on subscriber trunk dialling (STD) calls which began around the late 1950s during the early set-up of telecommunications in the country. Local calls were defined by whether they originated and terminated in the same district or region.

The move towards flat rates and the abolishing of STD marks a greater commitment from TelBru to provide digital services.

“Technology has evolved over the past few years and telephony switching technology has converged into digital not just analog.

The transmission costs linking each district have also been diminishing and moving away from a conventional transmission,” Lim added.

He also noted that the highway infrastructure and transportation has improved. With this in mind, the chief marketing officer said TelBru aimed to make districts feel closer through the reduction of rates which can lead to longer calls.

This move marks another shift in TelBru services, the telco discontinued its dial up/edial service, as well as, NetKad Plus Hallo (NPH) calling card earlier this year.

In the same month, it launched value-added service “Hello Brunei 113” which will be rolled out in stages throughout the year.

The Brunei Times