SSEAYP delegates welcomed home

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THE 40th batch of 28 Bruneian delegates from the Ship of the Southeast Asian Youth Programme (SSEAYP) 2013 were welcomed home after a two-month trip around ASEAN and Japan, which started on October 28.

During the programme, they were involved in various discussions and activities with other delegates from participating countries regarding issues faced by each country that vary from social, cultural and political issues to changes in lifestyle and economic development.

According to the press release, one of the aims of the programme was to expose the youths to these issues and discussions to help them develop as an individual, in preparation for becoming future leaders of the future.

Upon their arrival, they were welcomed by Acting Director at the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports Hj Rosmadee Hj Mohd Daud. He said to the delegates, “Remember the memories you have made and experience you gained during the trip and use it to contribute back to Brunei Darussalam.”

The leader of the delegates, Hj Md Khairol Azizul Hj Zaini, said to The Brunei Times, “When I was chosen as the leader, I asked why? It might be because I’m a teacher, I thought to myself. I wasn’t very confident at first.”

“But with the support I got from my fellow delegates and the other youth leaders, I was able to rise up to the responsibility given. It was never about just telling them what to do all the time, it was a challenge for all of us to represent Brunei Darussalam the best we could” he added.

During the trip, the 27-year-old teacher from Rimba High School overcame his fear of water by learning how to swim in the swimming pool provided on the ship. He said that “because you meet different people, you get to hear different types of advice that really helps a guy get over his fears and shortcomings.”

He advises the youth of Brunei who are interested in joining SSEAYP or any other cultural exchange programme to “overcome your fear of uncertainty and indecisiveness, and be open to suggestions and support given by other people, for the sake of contributing back to the nation, as well as bettering yourself”.

Assistant youth leader of SSEAYP 2013, Siti Mariam Ismail, joined the delegation out of curiosity over other cultures, and what she could do to promote more youth participation in the Sultanate.

The 26-year-old Kuala Belait resident said, “I wanted to learn more about other cultures so I would be able to share my experience with the youth, in hopes that it would inspire them to do the same.”

“Being in these kinds of programmes may be demanding, but it definitely would help youths with their public speaking skills and help them to be more active and aware of the social issues occurring inside and outside of Brunei.”

However, Siti Mariam was quick to add that it’s not all about the serious stuff.

“You’re around so many different types of people with different talents that the fun will come to you,” she added.

The Brunei Times