Insist on proper identification of technicians: TelBru

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TELBRU has advised households to ask for proper identification of its personnel to avoid unwanted intrusion on premises and homes.

In a press statement issued yesterday, the telco urged customers to be aware of the ways to properly recognise members of its Home-Connect Team. A brief guide was re-introduced to help the public better identify the Home-Connect Team as they carry out their operations of installing Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH), the statement read.

Members of the team can be identified wearing short-sleeved orange coloured polo shirts accompanied by an official Telbru identification tag, complete with their full name and identity card (IC) number.

An authorised letter of credential is also issued for these teams to present upon arriving to customers’ residences, legitimising their presence to carry out installations of the FTTH service, it added.

It was also advised in the statement that necessary steps should be taken by customers and the company’s team members as prevention of any fraudulent activities is a shared responsibility.

The Brunei Times