Youths learn tips on leading a positive life

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YOUTHS yesterday learned the major difference between positive and negative people during a talk held at Binadiri Hall of the Youth Development Centre in Muara.

Desiring something but hesitating to stand up and making the steps forward to take it is a major difference between positive and negative people, said Nor Syahmun Hj Matassan, a clinical psychologist at the Community Psychology Division.

“In times of hardships or events, a positive person will always discover opportunities behind it,” said Nor Syahmun, who gave a talk on “Building A Positive Attitude”.

She was one of the speakers at the Blood Donation Service, Educational Talk and Health Exhibition campaign activity organised by the centre.

Interacting with the audience at the event, she displayed a prize in her hand and asked whoever wanted it from the youths in attendance.

Almost all of them raised their hands and said they wanted it but only one of them stood up and walked up front to get it.

Afterwards she proposed what if the prize was even more lucrative and this time, the youths stood up and were prepared to take the chance.

“In general, there are more negative than positive people out there but it is these positive people that can make a difference as they create a ripple effect of others to follow suit,” explained Nor Syahmun.

Her colleague, Niqmatul Sabreena Qifli Hj Ismawi, also a psychologist, elaborated on how others can build on their positivity.

“You are what your friends are so choose your friends wisely and surround yourself with positive people,” she advised.

In life, people are usually confronted with at least two conflicting interests — attitude or beliefs, also known as cognitive dissonance.

“To overcome this, instead of changing our thoughts to become positive, start by changing our behaviour first because once we commit good deeds such as performing our prayers becomes routine then our thoughts will follow suit,” she advised.

Besides that she encourage the youths to utilise on positive journaling whereby one notes down their achievements and positive experiences made on that day.

“Writing in your diary including dates of one or two future events that you are going to be involve in, creates anticipation and excitement to that day and this constantly keeps you mindset positive.”

The organiser of the event, Pg Hj Joharni Pg Hj Mahari, trained teacher and instructor of Youth Development Centre, said that this was the first time they had included a health exhibition and talk along with their blood donation campaign.

Dr Nang of the Blood Donation Centre RIPAS Hospital recommended those interested in donating blood to make sure that they meet the basic requirements.

Donors should be at least 18 years of age, not underweight, free from any medication, and are preferably physically active, she said.

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