Temporary closure notice issued to 43 eateries from Jan to Dec 2013

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A POPULAR Chinese restaurant in Gadong has been closed temporarily yesterday due to alleged charges of unsatisfactory hygiene.

It was noted that the directive took effect from 2pm yesterday as officials from the Municipal board deemed the cleanliness of the restaurant “unsatisfactory”.

According to one of the senior female employee, the temporary closure was the first for the restaurant which has been operating since 15 years ago.

She also added that the overall cleanliness of the restaurant was constantly maintained but did not meet the requirements required by the Municipal board during the inspection.

The restaurant is scheduled to resume operation this Monday.

From January to December this year the Municipal board instructed temporary closures to 43 restaurants and food premises around the capital due to unsatisfactory health and safety standards outlined by the department.

The Municipal board, which worked hand in hand with the Food Safety and Quality Control Division, Ministry of Health, outlined that food vendors who fail to comply with the strict laws relating to food hygiene and safety set out by the ministry will face notices of closure, if they are found to be in violation of health regulations.

According to a Municipal board representative, it was noted that several owners and managers of business premises were found violating health regulations such as improperly storing food as well as unorganised storage of foodstuffs.

The assessment of a food premise’s compliance to regulations is based on a number of criteria which has to be met and was recorded on an evaluation form.

Health inspections covered a wide range of issues including cleanliness, hygiene and food handling practices, pest control, maintenance of the premises, waste storage and proper handling of food.

Based on a percentage system, restaurants or food premises have to achieve an allocated passing mark of at least 70 per cent to be deemed fit to continue serving food to the public.

Restaurants or food premises that were found unsatisfactory, based on the inspection, would be given a duration of one to two weeks to rectify the problem.

Those who fail to comply to the advice during a follow-up visit by the health officials would be recommended for closure of up to three months, with the assistance of the Municipal Board, until further notice.

The Brunei Times