Lottery mom fined $5,000

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A MOTHER of three has been imposed a $5,000 fine by the Magistrates’ Court yesterday after she pleaded guilty to assisting in operating a lottery.

The court document stated that 43-year-old defendant Limah Ak Merengai was detained on May 11, when police personnel from the Anti-Vice and Gambling Suppression Unit conducted a raid at the parking lot of Flat Batu Satu in Jalan Tutong following a public tip-off.

During the raid, police found several items believed to be connected to four-digit (4D) lottery activities.

The police found three pieces of paper believed to be record of debts of 4D numbers; cash amounting to $676, coins totalling $17.20; a calculator and; a mobile phone containing 4D numbers.

The items were found in a green plastic bag inside a black handbag belonging to the defendant.

Police have seized all items for further investigations.

These items were seized by the police and brought back to the Anti-Vice Unit in Ong Sum Ping together with Limah for further investigation.

The defendant admitted that she was involved in collecting 4D numbers and used the mobile phone to receive 4D lottery.

She further admitted to making profits if any of her clients win.

An expert has confirmed that the seized exhibits relate to the Malaysian 10,000 characters Lottery (Magnum 4D) draw.

During the proceedings before Senior Magistrate Hj Nabil Daraina PDH Badaruddin yesterday, the court ordered the defendant to pay the fine within the three-month grace period.

Seized items have been forfeited to the state.

The Brunei Times