No other good better than ‘taqwa’

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THERE is no other good in this world or hereafter than taqwa (piety and being conscious of Allah SWT) that can bridge us closer to acquiring that which is good, said imams to the nation yesterday.

“Conversely_ taqwa _will also become our fortress and shield to save us from evil and disasters,” added the imams.

The sermon yesterday outlined the importance as well as the benefits of taqwa.

Taqwa at its core does not only mean to fear Allah SWT but also obedience, god-consciousness and more specifically to protect oneself from the wrath of Allah SWT by obeying his orders and distancing from that which Allah SWT forbids.

“The nature of _taqwa _is highly regarded in Islamic Syariah. Let us heighten our taqwa towards Allah SWT with sincerity and full of confidence by completing His wishes and avoiding His displeasures,” the imams said.

Taqwa, in practice, is essentially an order given by Allah SWT to his people so they may respect and obey the teachings of Islam.

“The main characteristics of taqwa are those that believe in giving charity towards the path of Allah SWT, believe in the noble book of Al-Quran, the scriptures handed down to prophets of the past and the judgment day.”

“We should constantly abide ourselves to Allah SWT in order to reach the grandest degree of Taqwa,” congregants were told during the Friday sermon.

For every Muslim to attain this degree of taqwa, the imams pointed out that according to a division of Islamic scholars, there are a few important steps to undertake.

First is Zikrullah (remembrance of Allah SWT).

“Constantly remembering Allah SWT by reflecting on the greatness of Allah SWT is a good road towards healing the hearts and souls of men as well as boosting their confidence to build taqwa,” the imams said.

Second is to perform our prayer duties.

“Prayers represent the main worship in the lives of people’s life. It acts to strengthen belief and to receive the blessings of Allah SWT,” explained the imams.

Thirdly, repentance and asking for forgiveness is the primary quality owned by those who remain in taqwa. The imams encourage the congregants to also view taqwa in a different light as a means to repent our sins in order to be saved from the tortures of hell on judgment day.

“Repent and change for the better if all this while we have been too complacent with our life in this world,” the sermon reminded.

The fear of Allah SWT is one of the traits of the Mukmin or the believers.

“With the presence of fear, it will encourage one to empower their good deeds as well refrain from committing actions that distance themselves from Allah SWT.”

Alternatively, the imams said that Allah SWT has explained to all of us through Al-Quran that inside taqwa itself resides boundless happiness and kindness.

“One of the advantages of having taqwa is that they will always be under the protection of Allah SWT”.

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