Sg Matan MPK on Tutong study tour

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MEMBERS of the Kg Sungai Matan Consultative Council paid a visit to three villages in Tutong District yesterday to get a closer look at how villagers improve the economy and welfare of their village, as well as to strengthen relations among them.

The group of 20 council members, led by Village Head Pg Hj Abdul Rahman Pg Hj Zainal, began with a visit to the Tutong District Office.

They were welcomed by Tutong District Officer Wardi Hj Mohammad Ali and other senior officers. They were then briefed on the district office’s duties by Mohamad Khairul Shahrul Hj Duahim, a trainee administrative officer.

The group then visited the Village Consultative Councils of Tutong District. The first village on their agenda was Kg Menangah and Bukit Sulang. Upon arrival, they were welcomed by Village Head Hj Roslee Hj Ahad. Members of both Village Consultative Councils shared experiences and exchanged views on how the villagers had developed their community. They also toured a small exhibition on the village’s activities and displaying locally grown products such as lada padi (Bird’s Eye Chilli or Thai Chilli) powder, which was introduced in September last year as part of its One Village One Product (OVOP) initiative. Visitors were also entertained by a “Memukun” performance – a traditional style of exchanging poetry accompanied by traditional music.

Members of the Women Bureau of Kg Menangah and Bukit Sulang also demonstrated the kelupis-making process.

The entourage then moved on to Kg Padnunok to get a closer look at the Batu Mapan Wasai Recreational Park, about 12-15 minutes drive from Tutong town. Work on beautifying the park began in May 2008.

The entourage ended their visit at Kg Kiudang, where they took the opportunity to see how villagers make 3MPK Herbal Tea products. Present to welcome the entourage was Hj Muhd Saiful Abdullah Anja, head of Kg Kiudang.

They then visited Kg Kiudang Gerai Muafakat, where handicrafts and locally grown fruits were displayed.

Kg Sungai Matan won the Bronze Award at the second Excellent Village Awards in March 2012 for the villagers’ eco-tourism-oriented projects.

The OVOP programme is a decade-long initiative which the Ministry of Home Affairs hopes will encourage the setting up of economic projects and businesses in villages.

The Brunei Times