Youth learn to drive heavy machinery

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YOUTH who are interested to pursue a job as a heavy equipment driver were selected to attend a short course at the Youth Development Centre.

In a press statement, 15 trainees were selected to attend the course, which was conducted in collaboration with Megamas Training Company.

The Heavy Equipment Driver Course runs for five months from November 6, and was expected to end March 30 next year.

The course includes progammes such as an introduction to health, safety and environment, basic first aid, defensive driving, Four Wheel Drive, bus driving, handling cranes, as well as truck driving class 4 and 5 and Trailer class 2 and 11.

The trainees yesterday attended a test to identify their knowledge and skills on what they have learned so far, the statement read.

During the first month of the course, all trainees passed the qualification tests of the Land Transport Department to get a licence in driving heavy machinery.

The Brunei Times